Hello.  I’m so glad you stopped by.  I’m Carol and my goal is to provide information, recipes and support for a plant-based way of life.

In March 2012 a friend told me about the Forks Over Knives documentary.  I watched it and became a believer.  I then got the book “The China Study” by Colin Campbell, PhD at Cornell.  Going a step further, I enrolled in the Plant Based Nutrition Course at Cornell and received my certificate in July 2012.

I decided to change the way I ate due to family history of cancer and heart disease.  Although I have always considered myself to eat healthy, I was also misled by the food industry.  Until I made these changes to the way I ate, I suffered digestive issues and hives from unknown, untestable food allergies.

Now, all that distress and 10 pounds later I feel great.

Whatever your motivation, whether you can subscribe to eating this way 100% or shift as much as possible in that direction, I hope to help you along the way by providing resources, links, information and helpful tidbits – bite by bite – to keep you on track.

To your health,



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