Spicy Lentil Soup

I admit it.  I love, love, love lentils.  These tiny little legumes that feel so buttery soft between your fingers are powerhouses of protein, fiber and iron.  They’re a very versatile ingredient that can be used in soups, salads and appetizers.

Spicy Lentil Soup 1

Spicy Lentil Soup

3 C lentils, cooked
3 C vegetable broth + more for saute
1 C onion, chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
1 t salt
2 t cumin
2 t chili powder
1 C crushed tomatoes
¼ C jalapenos, chopped (to taste)
Note: if using sliced jalapenos, you can leave them whole

Cook lentils according to package directions.

Cook onions with garlic, using a little vegetable broth, until very tender, then add to lentils with spices, jalapenos and tomatoes.

Bring to a boil until a little frothy, then simmer about 15 minutes and serve hot. 

Makes about 8 servings.


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