Stuffed Hot Banana Peppers

I love “cooking by the seat of my pants”.  In other words, no recipe, just taking what I have and making something tasty.  A good friend brought me some vegetables from her garden. Okra, squash, tomatoes, oh my! and…banana peppers.  What to do with banana peppers?  I didn’t want to pickle or just freeze hoping I would use them later, so I stuffed and broiled them.  I must say, they are pretty tasty.

Stuffed Hot Banana Peppers

Stuffed Hot Banana Peppers

6 hot banana peppers
1 C vegetable broth
¼ C onion diced
1 large clove garlic, minced
1 C baby bella mushrooms, diced
½ t salt
1 C cooked lentils, no juice
1 T fresh basil, minced
1 C marinara sauce
1 T breadcrumbs
1 T nutritional yeast

Sauté onion and garlic in ½ C broth
Add mushrooms, salt and basil, cook about 10 minutes, adding more broth if needed
Add lentils and marinara
With a knife, split peppers lengthwise then crosswise just below stem and remove seeds
Stuff peppers with lentils & mushroom mixture
Mix breadcrumbs & nutritional yeast together in a small bowl
Sprinkle peppers with breadcrumb mix
If desired, spray with vegetable broth or miniscule amount of non-stick spray for browning
Broil in oven until breadcrumbs are browned – watching closely not to burn

Note:  I used homemade marinara, which will be posted in another blog with cooking video.  You can also use Glen Muir that is available at grocery stores.

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