Grocery Apps for Android & iPhone

grocery app for android & iphoneThe last couple of weeks I have been “rained” in and spent a good deal of time researching apps for grocery lists to organize and simplify life.  I’ve been using Out of Milk for the last few months but I am just beginning to utilize it fully.  There are a couple of apps that I want to experiment with at a later date and will post information when complete.  Below is a list of features for other apps and may or may not be all inclusive.

If you have an app you are using please add your comments.

Grocery List Apps

BuyMeAPie – any iOS, Android in early 2013
Auto sync with cloud & others
stores items for future
“smart grouping” by store aisle
send SMS & email list to non app users
easy to use
manage online
9 languages
item word prompt

OurGroceries – Android
free version has ads, premium no ads
categories or aisles
sync to others & website with grouping feature, email , configuration of sharing buttons, track store favorite meal ingredients and add to list

Out Of Milk – android, iPhone
Share with other Pro users, email support
real-time updates when completed items or update
maintain lists, categories, details, etc. online
track coupons
Item details: quantity, prices, tax
separate pantry inventory list
separate to do list

Fooducate – iPhone & Android
Scan barcode and get information on how healthy item

Food Planner and Groceries – Android
integrated meals
Syncs with multiple phone, table, internet
Organize recipes with tags to associate with meals & week days to view only relevant recipes Make list by shopping day and app pulls items from corresponding recipe for that day
multi-share lists
share between phones
edit recipes online and update

Mighty Grocery Shopping Lite – Android
voice recognition feature
checkout summary
item quantity, apply tax before discount
product categories
aisle organization per list
remembers recent purchases
email or SMS to any text supported app
button configuration
translation – 7 languages
Premium version sync & backup
barcode scan
compare prices
configure tabs
screen/rotation lock

Shopping List – Android
backup to SD card
sync with others on phone & online
instant sync
barcode scan
remembers new items
backup & restore data

Grocery iQ – Android & iPhone
barcode scanner can sync to android device
voice recognition
sorts according to aisle in store
share via email, sync to multi devices and users
coupons from iPhone via AirPrint
update online and auto updates to app
product detail quantity, price, package size
online & on phone update
multi-store lists
add grocery savings card

Grocery Smart –Android & iPhone
can store data from grocery loyalty card
database of food items
multiple grocery lists
barcode scanner
sync with online acct
create lists online & sync back to iPhone
share by email

Grocery Tracker Shopping List – Android
details such as price and quantity
monitor and track pantry items under inventory tab
Use as recipe book
Sync to cloud or SD card
Activate only items you use
auto re-order list
predictor list of almost out
levels of details, price comparison, set target price for items
last store purchased tracking & price
individual store categories
instant font size change

My Shopping (Grocery) List – android simple and easy (information from their website)

  • Discover what is in the food you eat and its nutritional content before your supermarket or store visit.
  • Create a profile of ingredients you wish to avoid. Then, Myshoppinglist will warn you if a product contains them.
  • Try our nutritional, healthy and easy recipes. Myshoppinglist can even place the ingredients automatically on your shopping list.
  • Sort products by low fat, low salt, gluten free, no preservatives, high iron, high calcium and high fiber.
  • Enter our free competitions, order free samples and participate in our surveys.
  • Make friends; share health, household, children, baby, grocery and supermarket shopping hints and advice in our forum.
  • Order our free newsletter and be the first to hear about our latest competitions, free samples, surveys, hints, recipes, diet tips and nutritional updates.
  • Have items added that are particular to your country, if you live in New Zealand, USA, UK, Europe, Canada Asia, South America, Japan, and China or any other country, simply by emailing

GrocerEaze – iPhone
add prices
different prices for each store
budget and spend tracking with tax rate
multi lists
create meal plans
browse recipes and add items to list
share via email which auto attaches file to view by another grocereaze app
Pantry list auto adds items when purchased
Gives recipes based on what’s in your pantry

AnyList– Android & iPhone
simple and uncluttered
database of food items
multi list
sync across multi devices and users
recipe database and easier adding of recipe ingredients
forced acct sign up
3 list items on screen at a time

Grocery Mate – iPhone
database of food item
multi lists, share via email
add prices
maintain history of grocery costs
create acct, lists on web and sync back to iPhone
custom look


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