Reasons For Sharing

My hopes when I started this blog were to 1)  present great tasting dishes that were low in fats, sugar and salt and high in fiber and 100% plant based ingredients [see earlier post defining plant based];  2) make the recipes easy enough for even the “non-cook” to make; 3) reduce your food budget and your waistline and 4) save time by preparing ahead.

I want to showcase dishes that are healthy and taste great!!  Let’s face it, if it doesn’t taste good it doesn’t matter how healthy it is – you won’t eat it!

By preparing your pantry, fridge, freezer and spice rack with just a few items, you can make these dishes quick and dirt cheap!  I will be posting an organizing list soon.

Respectful, courteous feedback on any of the recipes or articles on this blog are much appreciated, as my hope is to learn as much from you as I hope you learn.

If you need help reworking a favorite recipe , let me know and we can collaborate and I will post it.

To your health!



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