What is Plant-Based Nutrition?

There is a lot of buzz lately about this lifestyle of eating. But what exactly is it? Is it vegetarian, vegan or beyond?

People shriek and visibly recoil when you say you don’t eat any animal products or oils and eat low-fat, low-sugar and low-salt.

It’s an “eeww” moment and you get “Then what do you eat?”

The simple response to fellow Southerners: “You know how Grandma fed you the meat & three? Well, you only eat the three!” I know referencing memories of Grandma hits them right in the gut and I see their eyes soften as they recall how she cooked that delicious southern food.  The tell is in their eyes  – “But why eat that way?”

For those with any kind of digestive issues, food allergies or any disease caused or exacerbated by what you eat – you will be grateful and relieved to eat this way.

If you don’t want to completely give up meat, convert as much as you can and you will still see positive changes in weight, skin tone, and overall health.  After about 90 days or less, your taste buds will adapt and you will want to eat nothing but plants!  I swear it’s true!

Celebrities like Bill Clinton and most recently Rosie O’Donnell have adopted this way of eating with astonishing results. But you don’t have to have a heart attack or other serious illnesses to reap the benefits. Extreme athletes and a few NFL players also eat this way.

In fact, this way of eating can prevent and even reverse many disease processes, including diabetes and heart disease.

Check out my resource page for more information.


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